1st & 2nd Grade

1st & 2nd Grade Flag Football

Practices & Games

Practices are at 9am every Saturday at 9am, and games follow at 10am. All practices and games are on the Grass Soccer field next to the side parking lot next to the Junior High.


We all want our children to be super stars. We want them to succeed. At Jenison Cub Football, we take coaching your child to heart. Your child’s safety and development are our number 1 priorities. Our children develop physically, and mentally at different paces. For this reason while your child may throw the ball well at home, they may not yet be ready to play QB in Cub Football. We find 99% of our kids do better when they also learn & play different positions. 

By focusing on development and fundamentals, we hope to be the foundation for winning football here in Jenison.

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